Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures From The Con!

Here we are - Anime North 2009!

Staff photo!

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Desert Punk? Possibly?

He IS a Gundam.


Vegeta and a Goku? With wings?

Zhuge Liang from Dynasty Warriors 1 - 6. According to my buddy Johnathan, he's based on the real person from Chinese History during the waring period after the fall of the Han Dynasty. A very impressive costume - all hand-made.


Desdemona from Disney's Gargoyles.

Heehee! Pac-Man and a Ghost!

Zaku from the original Gundam series.

Hatsune Miku the vocaloid.

Sonic and PikaChu!

Full costume Master Chief from Halo!

Krillin from Dragonball Z

Someone suggested perhaps from Cowboy Bebop

A Naruto character.

Devil May Cry (4) I believe.

An apparantly annoying fairy from Zelda... and three others who I can only assume are from the same game.

Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko! And Dr. McNinja.

More Hatsune Miku!

From what I'm told, YAOI = Guy on Guy, YURI = Girl on Girl... and, as we all know, Hentai is just the general term for anime porn.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

Holy crap! Left4Dead characters! Left to right: Zoey, Bill, Hunter, Smoker. Awesome. :D


Yuna from Final Fantasy X and X-2. So I'm told.

White mage on a chocobo from (apparantly) just about any Final Fantasy game.

My lunch. It was delicious. On the right we have a California roll, and on the left is my Dynamite Roll. Sooo good.


WHAT 9000!?

Link w. fairy!

Naruto characters.


Luigi, Princess Toadstool... and another pricess.


A chicken being interviewed. I don't know if it's anime but it's awesome all the same.

Red vs. Blue teams.

BIG-ass gun.

Hee hee! Little Big Planet!


LARPing! Ha!

Me with one of my two awesome con t-shirts and some Beaver Buzz.

An example of what the two other staff thought was anime porn. It wasn't; I checked.

The girls with the wrestlers. Bahahahah...